GS E&C Achieves 'Sales Profit 1 trillion Club' for the first time since its inception

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เมื่อ: 2019-01-29 16:54:23
GS Engineering & Construction joined 'One trillion won club' for the first time since its inception last year.

GS Engineering & 야설Construction announced its operating performance in 2018 through a public disclosure of its processes on the 29th, sales of 13.141 trillion won, operating profit of 1.6 trillion won, pre-tax profits of 839.2 billion won, and new orders of 10.9218 trillion won.

Sales increased 12.5 percent year-on-year and operating profit increased 234.2 percent, joining the 1 trillion club for the first time. Annual sales, operating profit, and pre-tax profits are the largest ever for GS Engineering & Construction.

In particular, its sales surpassed $8.7 billion (10 trillion KRW) for the fourth consecutive year since 2015 and its operating profit has also continued to make surplus for five consecutive years since 2014.

Its quarterly sales, operating profit, and new orders reached 3.23 trillion won (3.5 billion dollars), 222.5 billion won (2.5 billion dollars), and 4.27 trillion won (4.5 billion dollars). Although its sales increased 2.2 percent year-on-year, its operating profit increased 116.8 percent.

GS Engineering & Construction, meanwhile, offered 11.3 trillion won in sales and 13.47 trillion won in orders for the year.

"We are planning to increase profitability by strengthening the internal performance of existing projects and continue our efforts to find new opportunities for finding new food," GS Construction said. "We will make this year a year to prepare the foundation for another leap forward as a sustainable company beyond the half century."

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