Submission of 'immediate failure' tomorrow to the suspension of the Samba sanctions by the NEC

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เมื่อ: 2019-01-29 15:53:47
The Securities and Futures Commission (SEC) under the Financial Services Commission (FSC) has decided to respond immediately to the court's acceptance of Samsung BioLogics' request to suspend administrative sanctions.

The committee said in a press release on Thursday that it will file an appeal immediately on Friday for the court`s decision to suspend the suspension of the execution of the accounting fraud at Samba.

"The violation of the law that has been subject to measures is an issue that will continuously affect the company's future financial statements, and if the financial statements are not corrected properly, it could lead stakeholders,성인사진

including investors, to make decisions on investments based on false information for a considerable period of time," the committee said.

"In this case, it is possible for an accounting firm responsible for the company's accounting irregularities to continue to conduct external audits of the company in the future," he said. "In this case, investors can question the reliability of the financial statements."

On the fact that the company's image is damaged due to the company's alleged dismissal of its CEO, the court said, "The damage to the company's image as a result of the committee's decision cannot be seen as an issue that requires recovery or urgent prevention."

"We made the final decision after careful consideration of the specificity and objective evidences of the International Accounting Standards and the companies in question when deliberating the proposed measures for a long period of time from May to November last year," the committee said. "We will do our best to clarify the legitimacy of the administrative disposition in the lawsuit."

Earlier on November 14, last year, at a regular meeting, the committee voted to impose sanctions on the prosecution on charges of accounting violations, recommending the removal of the CEO and imposing 8 billion won in fines.

This is based on the judgment that Samba misappropriated its subsidiary Samsung Bioepis from a subsidiary company to an affiliated company in 2015 and made accounting fraud worth 4.5 trillion won.

On the other hand, Samba filed a lawsuit claiming the validity of its accounting and demanding correction of the committee's disposition.

Regarding this, the Seoul Administrative Court cited an application for suspension of execution by Samba on the 22nd. As a result, the commission's administrative disposition, which pointed out Samba's accounting fraud, has been delayed until the court's ruling on the bill is concluded.


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