"Taiwanese Security Staff Assault" Korean video file group

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เมื่อ: 2019-01-29 12:15:23
A Korean tourist was fined 2,000 baht (about 70,000 won) for hitting a security guard in Bangkok, Thailand.무료야동

According to , the incident occurred around 11 p.m. on January 26 at the Suwana Nappa International Airport departure gate in Bangkok. Kacasod also released a three-minute, eight-second video of the assault.

If you look at the video, this Korean tourist is security as he goes through the search box.When the circle holds hands, it throws away its teeth and draws an "X" on its head. Baggage to airport security after doing the same, and search images in the event of failure to party, such as a sign to.

Things were similar even after the party approached. The tourist appears to be responding to a search with open arms, but security.When Won held a portable metal detector on his body, he drew the letter 'X' again. He then slapped the security guard in the face.

According to Kacasod, this tourist got a warning as he walked through a checkpoint, and that's the security.Won used a hand-held metal detector to request further inspection but did not respond.

The assailant reported the tourist to the police and Thailand police fined him for assault, according to Kasod.

Meanwhile, the video was released on YouTube on the 27th, and as of the 29th, it had 280,000 views.


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