Jets instead of Powergun...Samsung Electronics Is New with Premium Wireless Cleaner 'Jet'

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เมื่อ: 2019-01-28 16:39:05
Samsung Electronics has made a bet in the wireless vacuum cleaner market. It has introduced a new brand called 'Jet'. This is to regain control of premium wireless vacuum cleaners.

Samsung Electronics (CEO Kim Ki-nam, Kim Hyun-seok, Ko Dong-jin) made an announcement on the 28th that it is going to introduce 'Jet', which is a premium wireless vacuum cleaner that implements 200 watts (W) of suction power and has a system that prevents fine dust.

The reason why Samsung Electronics announced its new brand is because it needs to form a market through new products. Until now, South Korea's premium wireless vacuum cleaner market has been centered on 'Code Zero A9' from Dyson and LG Electronics and was followed by Samsung야설

Electronics' 'Powergun'. However, last year's test on the performance of Korea's consumer resources revealed that Power Gun was inferior to LG Electronics' Dyson Tephal, which put him on the blacklist.

Jet has improved suction power, technology, and batteries. Samsung Electronics has newly designed major components such as motors, batteries, and cyclones to implement up to 200W of suction power. In particular, 'Digital Inverter Motor', which is applied with Samsung's own technology, minimizes air resistance by borrowing the shape of aircraft. It is applied with fast switching control that is more than twice faster than previous ones, aluminum frame that has high thermal resistance, and cooling flow path design.

It is also possible to effectively manage the fine dust. The dust container is equipped with its own technology called Jet Cyclone. Jet cyclone is composed of nine small cyclones and removes fine dust. A total of 27 air holes allow air to flow efficiently, thus maintaining the suction power.

A five-fold clean hemp system was applied to prevent dust from entering the room again through exhaust air. It also blocks 99.999% emission of daily fine dust, pollen, and gomfangs that are invisible to the eyes. The dust can easily separate the whole barrel. Dust bottles, cyclones, and filters can all be washed. The battery can be used continuously for up to 60 minutes when fully charged. Support for removable replacement.

It provides variety of brushes that take into account Korean-style residential space and floor cleaning. Woolle brushes have high adhesion to the floor. Rotate the cleaning paper quickly to remove easily from the kitchen floor until it steaks in every corner or oil. Can be used for up to 80 minutes. The vacuum cleaner consists of two types of ultra-fine cleaner that can be used several times through cleaning and one that does not require cleaning. In addition, people can use 'soft floor brush' and 'petty bed brush' to protect their hair from tangling.

Jets can be adjusted in four stages. It can be cleaned according to its height, and it reduces weight and pressure on the waist and wrists by making it easier to change sides. Because LED display is installed on a handle, it is possible to check operation status and abnormalities of a product at a glance. The "Jet Station" is designed with a seven-degree tilt. Two batteries can be charged at the same time. It will be released in two colors: Titan and Silver. Depending on number of batteries and types of additional brushes, store price is between $793 (869,000 KRW) and $1,720 (1399,000 KRW) respectively.

"Because of the recent fine dust, consumers' concern about indoor air quality as well as outdoor has increased." said Jung Yoo-jin, executive director of Samsung Electronics' home appliance business division.


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