The monthly income of 330,000 won is 'middle class'.中 controversy

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The Chinese government came under fire for releasing a report that defines low-income people with monthly income of 2,000 yuan (about 330,000 won).무료야동

Hong Kong's South China Morning Post said in a report published by China's National Statistical Office on Thursday (local time) that it defined 5,000 yuan (about 830,000 won) as 'middle income' from 2000 yuan (about 330,000 won per month). According to the report, "low income" under 2000 yuan, "relative high income" between 5,000 and 10,000 yuan (about 1.65 million won) and "high income" over 10,000 yuan.

The Chinese have strongly denied the 'middle income' defined in the report. He said, "How can I become a middle class when it is difficult to make a living with 2,000 yuan (about 330,000 won)? "Are you kidding me?" said a Weibo user. "We cannot pay a monthly rent with 2,000 yuan," a Beijing resident told the Global Times.

The Chinese government has never made an official definition of middle class, but according to the World Bank, China's per capita GDP in 2017 is 8,827 dollars. The 2000 yuan per month is equivalent to about 3,556 dollars (about 3.98 million won) in annual income, which is hardly considered a "middle class" in common sense.

"The term 'middle income' is applied only to this report and has nothing to do with the general concept of income class," the Chinese National Statistical Office said in response to the growing backlash. Earlier this month, however, Beijing Youth Daily, an organ of the Chinese Communist Party, said, "The middle class tends to deny even though their income has reached a certain level," adding, "As important as saving people from poverty, it is important to boost their sense of achievement."

The Chinese government has recently taken a policy to stimulate middle-class consumption to cope with the worrisome slowdown. In September last year, the tax reform raised the ceiling on personal income tax from 3,500 yuan to 5,000 yuan and increased the scope of tax deductions. The move was intended to boost the domestic economy by opening people's wallets.


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