"Wow, tears in the prosecution's investigation..."It's a single woman president, so it's a rumor."

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Park Geun-hye, former president's lawyer, Chae Myung Sung, who starred in (36 phase of the Judicial Research and Training Institute) the impeachment and trial lawyers behind a book published ‘Inside Out of impeachment’.경마사이트

In the book, Chae Myung-sung wrote, "Lies have piled up like mountains," "I didn't know our liberal democratic system was so weak," and "Everything can be sorted out when it is revealed." "Park was the first female president in the constitutional history and a bachelor," he said. "I think this has aroused people's curiosity and it has been expressed as rumors in the impeachment situation."

He told the story of former President Park shed tears while being investigated by the prosecution. When Park asked about Samsung's bribery allegations, he sobbed, saying, "Do you make a person so dirty?" Chae said, "The investigation was suspended when former President Park cried."

Chae recalled that when former President Park was questioned on the warrant hearing, she shuddered and said, "I don't know how this happened, even though my siblings didn't work at the presidential office."

He compared Park to Marie Antoinette, the former queen of France. He is president, final arguments and added that the same day execution of Marie Antoinette and its refusal to stand trial.

Marie Antoinette was the queen of King Louis XVI of France. He lived in the Trii farm of the Versailles Palace and was called a little fairy because of her beautiful appearance. When the French Revolution began, he was taken to the palace of Paris and executed on Oct. 16, 1793 on charges of wasting state coffers while living under the supervision of citizens.


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