The more I emphasize "It's not like the government," the more...a return wind of fire

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"But shouldn't this government at least try to listen to me with an internal complaint? I thought if you said this, you'd listen to it seriously and talk about it."

Former Strategy and Finance Minister Shin Jae-min, who raised the suspicion of the presidential office's intervention in the replacement of KT&G president and pressure to issue government bonds, made the remarks in his will to his alma mater, Korea University's online community of Korea University.

After Shin's suicide note scandal, all of them who have been watching Shin since they were in college have appealed. They said to the current administration, "If he said something wrong, please tell him enough and explain it. Of course in reality I know it is not easy. But we believed that when this government was born, it would be a government that does something difficult.

The gist of Shin and his friends is 'I thought this government would be different.' The Moon Jae-in as all the way after the launch of a ‘differentiate itself from the past governments’ aimed at. This means that the incumbent administration, which used to call former Blue K director Ko Young-tae and former K-Sports Foundation director Roh Seung-il, who revealed the Choi Soon-sil scandal, has a 180-degree attitude toward Shin's disclosure. Lee Ji-moon, president of the Korean Integrity Movement, who became a symbol of internal criticism in 1992 over alleged fraud by military absentees, said in an interview with the JoongAng Ilbo, "In the previous administration, people who called whistleblowers righteous are calling them bad guys when the same thing happened. Is the whistleblower good for their taste and bad for their loss?"

Critics point out that the ruling party's response could only antagonize public opinion. Analysts say that the more he stressed that he is different from the previous administrations, the more he is creating an opportunity to compare himself with the previous administrations. In the same vein as the famous American linguist George Reichoff wrote in 'Don't Think of Yourself' that "It is the basic principle of frame that you should not use the other person's language to make an

argument against the other side."

If suspicions are raised about the morality of the incumbent administration, the framework of internal affairs (love if I do, affair if others do) will be strengthened. This is why Kim Tae-woo, the former secretary of Cheong Wa Dae and investigators who raised suspicions over illegal surveillance of civilians, caused a stir regardless of whether the revelation was true or not. The elongation of Myongji University Professor of Political Science and Diplomacy The Segye Times, said in a telephone interview with Moon Jae-in from a new government took office, ‘We're clean.’ and the moral superiority.Have said internal complaint, but the government a hard time hanging out, " and " ‘It is different from its own dna’ Cheong Wa Dae said it is rather like a boomerang in a deeper hole." Analysts believe that what.

Shin pointed out that the government and the ruling party's focus on responding to the personal information of the informer rather than rebutting the disclosure also doubles negative public opinion. After Kim's disclosure, Cheong Wa Dae defined him as a "mikuji" who is cornered and a "secret suspect" who is accused of spying on the palace, and a "unpure" of the intelligence he produced. Members of the ruling Minjoo Party of Korea said to Shin, "What is the most urgent thing about money is that it is money who quit the department to become a star lecturer." "I chose this method in the hope of making a fortune," Sohn Hye-won, a lawmaker of the party, launched a full-scale offensive.

The ministry refuted Shin's claim, saying, "(Shin Jae-min) was not in a position to know about this," citing his rank. However, the prosecution's complaint against the Ministry of Information and Communication on the previous day drew attention to the background of the allegation that the ministry was accused of leaking secrets and stealing data under criminal law, rather than defamation of the ministry or spreading false information.

"The presidential office should have explained the truth in detail, misinterpreted the public, and explained the government's intention," Shin said. "If the public tries to make fun of whistleblowers from the beginning, the more questions the public will have about Kim Tae-woo and Shin Jae-min's decision to let go, the more difficult it will be to respond to public opinion."
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