Cho Jae-yeon is the likely successor to Ahn Cheol-sang.

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"He was a perfect judge, but I think he was wearing clothes that were not fit for me (the head of the court."

This is the words of Ahn Cheol-sang (62, the 15th Institute of Judicial Research and Training), who is well aware of the chief justice of the court administration. On his way to work, Ahn told reporters on his way to work on the 3rd morning, "It is time for a judge to announce his resignation, saying it is the most peaceful and pleasant time for a judge to judge." It has been 11 months since he took office. If the resignation is accepted, Ahn is only in charge of trial as the Supreme Court justice.

"The past year has been physically and mentally challenging, and I think one year is much longer than usual," Ahn said. Until now, he has indirectly criticized the prosecution's investigation into alleged abuse of judicial power and court transactions, saying, "The cause of death should be found only for the sick."

Ahn has never been to the International Society for Human Rights Law, which is considered the "new mainstream" of the Supreme Court, or the Korean Law Association, the predecessor of the Supreme Court. Ahn, a former law professor at Daegu High School and Konkuk University, was appointed to the Supreme Court in January last year and served as the chief justice of the court administration in February last year.

When then Chief Justice Kim So-young resigned early last year, Chief Justice Kim Myung-soo asked Justice Ahn, who was a fellow judge of the Judicial Research and Training Institute, to resign. However, it has been a series of thorny paths since his inauguration. At the official meeting, the difference between Kim and the Supreme Court was revealed. Ahn, who led a special investigation team on the suspicion of abuse of judicial power, announced the results of the investigation in May last year, saying, "It is not a fact that we will take criminal action."

However, Chief Justice Kim said he would cooperate with the prosecution's investigation. But Ahn told the National Assembly in July last year that he believed there was no trial deal.

Therefore, Ahn's resignation has been around the legal profession since several months ago. It is said that he has offered to resign several times. Ahn`s comment at his parents` home that he said he was tired of the administrative work spread to the legal community late last year. "I felt particularly burdened by the National Assembly's response."

Cho Jae-yeon (62) is likely to be the next chief justice of the court administration. Moon Jae-in president appointed by the first time on the Supreme Court from Sungkyunkwan University student and former Prime Minister hwanggyoan as hand and glove.


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